Where to buy cheap e cigs

Sometimes it can be difficult to find cheap e cigs online.  Especially when you can’t tell the differences between a good and bad e cig.  However, once you understand how e cigarettes work and what is required for an e cig to smoke and taste correctly – the process to find where to buy e cigs become easy.

For those of you are still having a hard time trying to find where to buy the cheapest e cigs, we are going to make it really easy for you – we will actually tell you where to buy e cigs online.

Here is one place we recommend where to buy cheap ecigs – V2 >>>

Going to their website will give different e cig starter kits and disposable e cigs that we have tested and reviewed.  All their e cigs work extremely well.  We have tested their batteries and tasted all their flavored cartridges so you can rest assured that their products works well and will give you a great smoking experience.

Cheap Ecigs

For those of you looking to try a ecig for the first time, the cheapest route to test ecigs is to do one of the following:

First, you can be a disposable ecig.  Just get one.  This is the cheapest way to smoke a e cigarette.  They will cost under $10.00.  It is the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes – roughly.

Disposable ecigs are not rechargeable so once the nicotine runs out that is it with them so in the long run the cost more compared to other e cigarettes but for a one time try, to see if you like using a electronic cigarette, this is the cheapest route.

Second, you can buy a starter kit.  They run for about $50 to $150 depending on what comes with the starter kit.  Generally, they will contain at least one to two batteries, five cartomizers, a usb charger and a wall charger.  That is about the as bare bone as it gets.

This route is economical because there is a good chance you will enjoy smoking e cigarettes and if that is the case, you can recharge them and keep using them.  All you have to do is buy replacement nicotine cartridges and this will cost nothing compared to conventional packs of cigarettes and compared to disposables.

There are no tobacco sale taxes so that right there is going to make things a lot cheaper.

Buy Electronic Cigarette

Buying an electronic cigarette does not need to be complicated.  I know there are so many different types of ecigs and a variety of different starter kits on the market and they are all different and at the same time offer different benefits.

Once you know what you want and the prices that these ecigs are being sold at, you can easily figure out which one is the best and the cheapest.

First, you should know that most of the ecigs being sold are not what you want.  They all look very much a like but when you place these ecigs next to a real cigarettes, you begin to see the difference.  You will notice that these ecigs are much larger than a real cigarette.

Second, if you pick up these ecigarettes, you will notice that it is a lot heavier then a real cigarette.

Third, if you try these ecigs, you will find that most of ecigs do not smoke like regular e-cigarette.

So if you compare the ecigarettes that you are considering to buy to a real cig then you can figure out which one is the right one to buy.


Best Ecigarette


To this day, the best ecigarette is still the Tru Smoke Starter Kit. At just $39.99, it is the most complete electronic cigarette starter kit at its price range.

Take a look at the kit, it plugs right into the wall.  No messy cords.  No need for a computer.  You just plug it right into the wall if you need to charge it.  Now isn’t that nice.

It also is a three part ecig.  This means that it is made up of three parts: the atomizer, the cartridge, and the battery.

This is the original design of e cigarettes.

Many people prefer the three price e cigarette because it can be used to smoke other things to get you high off other things besides nicotine.

This version of the e-cigarette is also smaller, lighter, and more resembles a real cigarette than all its competitors.